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What is Your


There is so much in life we do not know. But teaching kids about how their thoughts and actions are connected to the way their body feels is one of the most powerful things they can learn and take into adulthood. It's the other schooling. As kids transition into teens, headaches, stomach issues, fatigue, anxiety, and depression can become daily challenges. We may think it will never happen to my child. They have a good home, a good school, and a lot of support. But we are living in extreme times. Yet, even without the pandemic, war, the threat of climate change, and social media onslaught, kids process a great deal in any given day. 

When they have the opportunity to understand their emotions and feelings are valid and directly connected to their health and the way the body handles it, these are the tools they can use to help themselves in any given moment. 

Participating in activities with their peers and learning hands-on how to help themselves is power. The arts have always been a way to direct nervous energy into positive action. In the past fifteen years especially, kids have been invited to learn more about yoga, mindfulness, and using the breath for coping. Sharing thoughts and ideas, spending time in nature, relating to one another, and understanding we are in it together is also a powerful way of living life in today's world.
The beauty is they will pass on this knowledge to others. 

Can we make the world a better place?

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