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Kim Soles has been observing, listening to, and inspiring children for over twenty years. She's been committed to providing kids with mind-nourishing projects. One of her strengths is her resourceful nature and allows for spontaneity. With a keen intuitive sense and the ability to stay calm and focused, Kim offers kids a safe, encouraging, and creative environment to use their imagination to learn more about themselves. 

Moon and Thunder After School will run throughout the school year 2022/23, serving middle-grade students 11-13 years old. The program is designed to offer kids a time to connect, share, learn and experience ways to build an inner tool kit to help navigate the stresses by listening to the body, role play, acting, breath-work, and Yoga Calm Principles!

The program offers a safe space to experience life through observation, curiosity, nature, imagination, art, music, movement and more! Sign up on our mailing list to be included in programs as we get closer. 
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Kim Soles has established creative programming for children for over twenty years. Starting out in Brooklyn, New York as a working photographer, artist, and designer, Kim began initiating art programs for young children at community centers in 1999. All classes inspired cultivating imagination and keeping curiosity alive. After a move to Philadelphia in 2001, Kim progressively developed creative opportunities for children to experience art in an outdoor classroom, with the focus ­—develop a balance between nature and technology. In 2010, Kim initiated Indigo Nature Arts, a nature-based summer day camp program that incorporates the arts and encourages children to live mindfully. Over the past 12 years, Kim has spent the summer months with hundreds of kids from over forty-five schools. She offers them a time and place to be themselves, create friendships, and experience hands-on nature and art exploration. Along with the yearly summer camp, Kim established art programs and served homeschoolers offering drawing, book illustration, painting, and photography classes. Kim has instructed students at The Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania, The Awbury Arboretum Francis Cope House, and The Waldorf School of Philadelphia.

Kid's Cooking Club

Come Cook with Us!

Monthly cooking class happens the 2nd Sunday of the month. Learn about the art of food! Whole foods, nutrition, how food makes us feel, and most of all prepare, cook, and eat!


Kid's should have a love for food and enjoy tasting new flavors. They will have a chance to improvise and contribute ideas. All vegetarian menu. Substitutions may be used in certain instances. Menu will be available in August.

Registration opens in August. Space is limited. Pay after registration. First class begins Sunday, September 11th. October 9th. November 13th. December 11th. January 8th.February 12th. March 12th. April 9th. May 14th. Time and location TBA. 2.5 hrs. $65 per class, or $550 for series.


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