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workshops and series



Moon and Thunder Series

For girls 10-12 Years Old

The empowerment series offers a chance for girls to connect and learn about self care practices along with exploring how emotions effect the physical body. The time spent helps to build confidence. We do this through creative group communication, drawing and painting, journal work, stretching, breath-work, and movement. The group spends two classes in the Wissahickon to connect with nature, offering outdoor support for movement and fun. Classes are held at Blue Banyan Yoga studio, a warm and nurturing space.


Drawing by Elizabeth Aiello

"I really enjoyed Moon and Thunder when I did it, it was a very calm and welcoming environment where I could relax and be around other girls my age.  It was a lot of fun, I always had a good time :)" - Elizabeth


We use art, writing, and improv to help express emotions, feelings, and thoughts. It's an organic process. We provide a space for people to speak about how they feel and what is felt in the body when feelings arise. 

The EMOTIONS drawing was a collaborative effort of the girls expressing the myriad of emotions that happen throughout the day.


Drawing by Elizabeth Aiello

Mind ~ Body.  Heart ~ Spirit.

How does the MIND connect with the BODY? How does the HEART connect with the SPIRIT? These concepts might seem beyond the comprehension of middle-grade-age children. Yet, it's the perfect age to understand how thoughts create sensations felt in the body. And how passions can offer happiness. We use the word spirit as - the dreams and passion that lie within. Or the things you naturally love to do. Whether it's music, art, dance, sports, or cooking, feeding the spirit is as important as getting an education. 

These are the things we investigate. Kids give feedback on their own experiences. This way of learning comes directly from them. It's getting to know oneself better. 

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